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Welcome to g-unlimited

We provide a unique service and training experience in the professional and historic aviation world. Whether you have an airplane to manage, want to setup an AOC or ATO, or need special training or experienced pilots, we have the solution and the right team. 


Company activities: 

- Non Commercial Complex (NCC) Operation with JU-PRIVATE which is EASA NCC and FAA PArt 91 compliant and ISBAO approved
- Aircraft Insurnace, Loss of License and Fit to Fly Insurnace
- Worldwide Law Protection and Network for Pilots and Health Care thru SIPA
- Supply of Pilots for all major Business Jets like the F7X, F8X, BD700 Classic or Vision, G450, G550, G650 and more
- Supply of Pilots for Historic Airplanes like the JU52, T-6, BU131, BE18, FI-156 and more
- EASA and/or FAA Airplane and Simulator Training for all major endorsement and ratings 
- Flight and Simulator Support for Reverse Engineering and Flight Testing / Research
- Supply of Test Pilots (TP) for Airplane or Simulator Flight Testing and Research 
- Maintenance Check Flights to comply with the proposed EASA Part-SPO
- Company (AOC and ATO) Training, Setup and Management, including Manual and Compliance for all major NAA's
- Supply of Type Rating Instructors (TRI), (Senior) Examiners (TRE) and Test Pilots (TP) for all major Business Jet Airplanes
- New and Historic Airplane Sales and Completion Support 
- Delivery and Ferry Flights
- Other Aviation activities depending on the need of the Customer

Through our global network of training, innovative methodologies, advanced technology simulation-based training tools and best Instructors/Examiners/TP, we deliver the highest quality of training to enhance safety and efficiency.

Beside which we offer unforgettable flights in different type of airplanes - from Vintage  to top of the art Business Jets.


Cedric Gitchenko, CEO


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